Our attention to detail and to your specific requests are paramount to the service we provide. Our skills and experience as sculptors ourselves enable us to assist you in offering advice that will ensure your sculpture is what you had envisaged.

Mould making

We provide a full silicone rubber mould making service, producing the highest quality moulds of your original artworks which can then be used for the lost wax casting process or for reproducing in other mediums such as resins or concrete. For larger works which cannot be transported to our foundry we can arrange for our skilled mould making team to come to your studio.

Lost wax casting

This age old process has been refined using modern technology and materials to provide the highest quality reproduction of detail and texture in cast bronze or other metals. Ceramic shell is used for the investment mould into which molten metal is poured. Although our primary medium is bronze, we can arrange to cast your work in aluminium or stainless steel. We have a variety of patinas available and can assist you in selecting a finish that suits your sculpture.

Sand casting

For more simple forms which are void of undercuts and texture we have technicians skilled in this method of casting. Sand Casting does not reproduce the same level of detail as ceramic shell, but is more cost effective for appropriately shaped and finished forms.

Sculptural steel fabrication

We have the ability to produce sculptural forms in sheet or plate steel, stainless steel or non ferrous sheet to your specifications. Sculptures can be produced from drawings or scaled up from Maquette. CAD program can also be used to design and cut shapes prior to fabrication.

Scaling up from maquette

Our team of skilled sculptors and technicians can accurately scale up your Marquette to larger sizes allowing you more time to design and create. You will then have the option of putting the finishing touches on your larger scale sculpture yourself or directing our team.

Design and Sculpting Service

We have in house sculptors who can design and produce sculptural work from miniature to larger than life size specializing in abstract to highly accurate representational sculpture. We can also source professional sculptors from our client base and find the appropriate person to commission whose style best suits your needs.

Resin Casting

For an alternative to bronze casting we can reproduce your sculpture in a range of materials including resins, plaster, concrete and brand casting mediums such as hydrastone or Forton. These materials are much more cost effective than bronze casting and are an option if a less durable medium is required.

Restoration and Maintenance

We can carry out restoration work on existing sculptures including repairs and or moulding and recasting from the original. To maintain the appearance and condition of existing sculptures we can provide a scheduled cleaning and maintenance service. By periodically cleaning and re-waxing a sculpture the surface patina can be maintained and oxidization minimized.

Installation of Large Scale or Public Sculpture

Once a sculpture is finished we can organize the transportation to and installation of the work at its final destination. This involves the use of cranes and is usually carried out in accordance with engineer’s specifications and ensures the sculpture is soundly and safely fixed.